I usually don’t comment on politics publicly because frankly, there’s no winning. No matter what I think, there’s a vastly larger part of the population that doesn’t think like I do, placing me in an intellectual minority when it comes to opinions. On like, a LOT of different issues. Pretty much every issue, actually.

The thing is, this is true for every single one of us. You, me, and everyone we know is either in the minority or feels like they're in the minority. No matter which side of any issue you’re on, there’s an IMPOSSIBLY large amount of people who don’t see the world the same way you do. And that is an okay thing, guys! Yes, I may believe in science over religion and higher taxes to support public programs that corporations will never find profitable, but there are more people than I could ever possibly meet in a lifetime who think religion is more important than science and that the invisible hand of the market is a better force for getting things done than a clunky bureaucratic government.


My point is, there are a LOT of people who think that whatever you think is absolutely the craziest shit ever. Every single person in this country feels like they’re the ideological minority on a whole slew of issues. And that’s the problem. We get wound up by a sensationalist media machine that has driven a wedge so deep between us that we are all at each other throats on every. single. issue. We focus on things like “liberal” or “conservative” and just oppose whatever the other side says. Shouting louder seems to be the only answer, but I truly hope we can return to civil discourse in my lifetime. The alternative is quite alarming.

So this is a friendly reminder to consider that no matter which side of an argument you’re on, there is an entire population of people who cannot be convinced by your faith or facts. The sooner every single American recognizes that, the sooner we can all start being reasonable toward each other and actually solve some issues (instead of create them). Even though I’m in favor of gun abolition, I understand that the right to bear arms is a right that a lot of people want to protect. I'm cool with that. And even though maybe you don’t like the idea of a same sex marriage and would never personally approve of it, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if people who truly loved each other got the same rights from their government, regardless of orientation.

Oh, and your knee-jerk reaction of “yeah, but my beliefs aren’t beliefs, they’re facts” is universal. No matter which side you’re on, the other side is thinking the exact same thing about how they think. We can’t change each others’ minds by shouting. Let's stop belittling the other guy (or gal) and start agreeing to disagree on some shit…at least some of the time.

Then maybe we can start having some real conversations.

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